Goalkeepers Program

Strikers Goalkeepers program provides a professional and a learning environment with the best possible training, instructions and meaningful competition, goalkeepers will gain technical expertise, tactical awareness, professional discipline and strive to reach their potential.  

Our program offers  training of all levels and ages. Training will focus on the specialized skills needed to grow and thrive. It also offers technical player development which include  game strategy and anticipation. 

The goalkeeper program focus on four main areas:

  1. Technique
    Catch and receive balls, movement, distribution, diving, crosses, passing, blocking shots
  2. Strategic
    1v1 situations, Positioning, Standards, Short balls, reading the game, organizing the defense, opening the game, be part of the defense
  3. Athletic
    Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility
  4. Mental Strength
    Self-confidence, be a leader, anticipation, making decisions, braveness, toughness, taking risks